Sifu Bait: Phoenix Finger

Sifu Bait Phoenix Finger


3 thoughts on “Sifu Bait: Phoenix Finger

  1. Dear Donald, i love your cartoons. As a Qi Gong and Tai Chi teacher i have been including few of them in some of my newsletters, referring to you as the reverable creator. Do you agree with this? And moreover: would you mind me using any of them in a Syllabus/hand out ? Obviously referring to your name and website? Yours, dearly, mattijs m. van katwijk

    • Dear Mattijs, thanks for the comment and feel free to use the cartoons in your handouts and syllabus with the credits. I wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘reverable’, but I have practiced two forms of tai chi (Yang and Hunyuan Chen style) and admire them very much… I wish you all the best in your classes. Donald

      • Dear David,
        That is great. Thank you so much for your reply!
        I thought ‘reverable’ meant ‘honorable’ – as in ‘Reverance’…
        Anyway, much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more work.

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