101SAF 40: Nerd

101SAF 40 Nerd

Munhwa Experience on iTunes


Guide to Aussie Culture: Sport

GAC Sport

Munhwa Experience on iTunes

HappyCappa: Coffee Kick

HappyCappa Coffee Kick

Sifu Bait Best Way to Fight

Sifu Bait Best way to Fight

Gen Y Guide to Manhood: beard


Annals of a Struggling Muso

Shameless Plug

My first commercial comic book (and any book for that matter), “Annals of a Struggling Muso” is now on iTunes for REAL CHEAP! Check it out here,  the cartoons are taken from my Struggling Muso blog (http://strugglingmuso.wordpress.com).

If it’s not available in your country and you’re really keen, I’ll look into making it available there (so far it’s in the US, UK, Aus and Canada. NZ has a tax pickle…)

My ‘Cartoon Freebies’ is also still for free on iTunes which you can get here.


Stay tuned for the iTunes book ‘beginnings’ of Munhwa Experience (from this blog) which is in the pipeline…




Donald Fraser

Shoegaze Gag

Shoegaze Selfie

This is from my Indie Baibu blog on Asian indie music -for those that don’t know ‘shoegaze’ is a guitar driven style of rock music where the musos and audience are so zonked out on the music they can only but stoop and gaze at their converse sneakers.

Nerd Fashion

Nerd Fashion

Mad Blogger: Carbon Footprint

MB Carbon Footprint

Guide to Aussie Culture: Shout

GAC My Shout