Generation Y Guide to Manhood

GYGTM on seat


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I have some confessions to make: I’m GenX, an ‘old fogy’ in the eyes of twenty-something Gen Yers, so don’t be surprised if I do some condescending pickies of the said generation. However, while in Sydney I’ve been staying in a backpacker’s hostel, dominated by Gen Yers and I have to say I’ve developed a bee in my bonnet (is that the right expression?) and that’s why I’ve come up with a new series: The Gen Y Guide to Manhood.

Not that my generation of males was any better/cleaner/more civilised when we were in our twenties, but as one gets older I think one values these things more.


3 thoughts on “Generation Y Guide to Manhood

  1. It’s okay, we’ll always make fun of you and your vacuum tube TVs, sony walkmans, Betamax, and 70s music. On the other hand please save all the good stuff from the 60s for us. I currently love “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.

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