(Characters of Martial Arts) The Palm of Gossip

The martial art ‘Bagau zhang’ or P’aK’ua or similar lettering is
considered one of the big three internal Chinese martial arts (the other
two being Taichi and Xingyiquan). In today’s world of instant
information Baguazhang is perhaps not as mysterious as it seems, as you
can simply do a wiki to find all you need to know about what the ‘bagua’
refers to, but to save you a click -‘ba’ means ‘8’ and ‘gua’ means
‘symbol’. These eight symbols are from the Chinese philosophy using
trigrams -symbols of three lines, with the lines either being complete
or broken. Each of the eight represents concepts like ‘fire’, ‘heaven’
and ‘earth’.

How these concepts are related to a martial art, you’ll have to study
Baguazhang to find out. I couldn’t tell you (I’ve only studied
Taijiquan). Just remember, in English we often call it ‘Bagua’, but in
Chinese that’s only the philosophy -and it’s a wide one, used in
fengshui, fortune telling and medicine. You have to add ‘zhang’, which
means ‘palm’, because the practitioner of the martial art will prefer to
palm you to death, rather than use a conventional fist.

And finally, if you threaten a Taiwanese with your superior Bagua
skills, he or she may not take you seriously, becaue ‘bagua’ also means
‘gossip’ in the local slang.

Bagua Palm


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