Trying Out Jujitsu

I have a confession to make -despite drawing quite a few karate cartoons, I’ve never actually learnt karate before. My main art is taichi (Chen style Hunyin taiji, and Montague’s Yang style), and I studied a traditional Korean martial art called Taekkyon for over a year. However a knee condition has put a dampener on my martial arts enthusiasm.

I still go through my taichi forms, because that can help strengthen the joints, but if I could do a more ‘active’ martial art, I’d like to do Brazilian Jujitsu.

A friend took me to an introduction class, and I loved it, though my knee was hurting a little a few days later.  Out of all the martial arts I’ve studied, tried out and looked into, jujitsu made the most sense, and even that one class gave me more insights than any class I’ve been in.

Because it acknowledges positions you’re likely to end up in in a fight and prepares you for them.

And I feel that many martial arts pretend that they’ve got all the solutions that will prevent you from getting in a wrestling/ground position… How many times do you see the same demonstration: ‘attacker’ does a straight right, or a right hook and the almighty defender shows off his/her flowery techniques to subdue the attacker.

But surely in reality, as a defender, you have a split second to exercise your flowery technique as the attacker fires the straight right etc…, -if you miss, then you’re in a clinch or headlock or on the ground.

Then you need jujitsu.

Before that introduction class I didn’t even realise the disadvantage of being in someone’s guard -I assumed because I’m on top I had advantage, but the opponent has the power of his legs around your waist with which he can leverage to gain a submission.


2 thoughts on “Trying Out Jujitsu

    • Of course most people wouldn’t fight Mike Tyson… I just feel BJJ had refreshingly practical techniques, but I don’t think it’s the “be all and end all”. It’s still risky to end up on the ground in general environments (street, pub etc…)

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