MA show off

Ever met a guy who’s recently got into a martial art -especially a traditional one, and is super eager to demonstrate his flashy moves? I guess it comes with the territory. I’m always too modest, terrified I’m going to get it wrong, then to feel that years of taichi study has gone down the gurgler.

A friend of mine said he met a guy who was an extremely skilled karate fanatic. The karate guy told him to hit him on the jaw and he could take it without flinching. Then on the second punch he moved out of the way at the last minute and had my friend on the grass in the blink of an eye. And I’ve had several friends show me hapkido wrist bends, taichi knee power, candle-extinguishing from the wind of a punch, flashy palm-in-the-face mantis kungfu attacks and the list goes on. I suppose you’ve got to have a “PR” side to the martial art you learn so enthusiastically.

I like to do cartoons instead. That way, people can get hurt without getting hurt.



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